Scheme Designers works with you to develop custom paint or vinyl design schemes for all makes, models and types of aircraft.  We also develop paint schemes for automobiles, boats and other forms of transportation.

Our dedicated artists continue until they have the aircraft paint scheme that is just right for your aircraft and perfectly suited to your tastes and style.  All projects include unlimited design changes, as the design isn’t final until it is perfect in your eyes.


Preliminary design discussion by telephone and/or e-mail gives us some insight into the stylistic directions to be explored. We have a homework page at which is designed to assist you in formulating your thoughts, allowing our designers to understand your vision.


We prepare a range of initial design concepts based on your unique stylistic input and our creativity. Typically, we prepare between 4 and 6 preliminary designs. Each will be rendered in different color combinations.




We set up a project specific design website on which the preliminary renderings are placed for review. These and all future renderings will be archived there by date for easy reference.


Based on your comments and requests, we will make as many changes to any or all the designs as frequently as you want until you are completely satisfied with every detail of the final design.




At any phase during the project, you can request live online design sessions, where we connect your computer to ours, allowing you to see real-time live design changes on your monitor while working directly with your designer.


At the start of the project, we will mail a set of aircraft paint color charts to you to use to select the specific final colors.


Once the design is completed, we will prepare detailed dimensioned drawings, to 1/8″ or 1mm, along with comprehensive written specifications to provide your paint shop with every detail they need to accurately apply the paint or vinyl application.


Call Scheme Designers 201-569-7785 today to get started on your custom aircraft paint scheme. Whether you have a single plane or an airline fleet to maintain, Scheme Designers are here to help with a variety of options.