Since 1997, Scheme Designers has pioneered the business of exterior design for aircraft of all types, sizes, and models – airline fleets, business jets, piston aircraft, as well as helicopters.  Around the globe, there are thousands of unique aircraft wearing a Scheme Designers aircraft paint scheme.  Over half of the OEMs delivering new aircraft work with Scheme Designers to develop the exterior styling for their factory new models, setting the standard for the industry as a whole.  The Scheme Designers team of artists and designers work with each customer from inception through application of their paint scheme design at the paint shop, and their job isn’t done until the design is executed perfectly and the customer is completely satisfied.


  • EXPERIENCE:  Thousands upon thousands of projects have given us a depth of experience that knows no equal.
  • ARTISTRY:   Our highly trained staff of creative artists and aviation specialists turns ideas into reality on a daily basis.
  • TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE:  On staff engineers ensure accurate implementation of artistic concepts.
  • TREND SETTERS:  As the designers to more than half the general aviation manufacturers, we create the latest trends in design using innovative technology that helps you visualize your new aircraft paint scheme design.
  • RELATIONSHIPS:  We have developed close working relationships with paint and vinyl companies worldwide, allowing us to guide and advise our clients to ensure the best outcome.
  • REPUTATION:  Our reputation for artistry, honesty, integrity and for going the extra mile to ensure client expectations are fully satisfied is renowned throughout the industry.
  • REASONABLE:  Clients commonly ask how we do so much for so little…..We represent one of the soundest investments you can make in your aircraft.
  • VESTED IN AVIATION:  We are pilots, enthusiasts and aircraft owners just like you.  We understand and relate to your passions, needs and desires when it comes to aviation.
  • CLIENT REFERRALS:  Client referrals are our largest source of new clients. And many clients have returned again and again over the years.
  • TOP RATINGS: We have received countless accolades from organizations & magazines such as The Aviation Consumer, AOPA, EAA, Flying Magazine, and many other magazines and owner/industry associations.

Call Scheme Designers 201-569-7785 today to get started on your custom aircraft paint scheme. Whether you have a single plane or an airline fleet to maintain, Scheme Designers are here to help with a variety of options.