Technical Assistance Services for the design of your airline branding

Our main focus is your business

Our main focus is your business. If you use an advertising and/or branding agency to develop your brand image and livery, you can rely on Scheme Designers to be an effective member of your extended team.

We will undertake the final detailed layout of that livery consistently, ensuring it works on all your aircraft, and that it is efficient to implement.

Technical Assistance Services

  • Accurately draw up final designs on each aircraft in your fleet.
  • Ensure the design is as efficiently laid out as possible, making it as simple and practical as possible to implement in paint and/or vinyl.
  • Develop comprehensive and accurate 3D models of the livery, allowing them to be viewed and verified from any angle.
  • Create detailed dimensioned drawings and written specifications to be used by the paint shop in implementing the livery accurately across your fleet.
  • Provide on-site verification of layout during the application of a new livery.
  • Accurately document and existing livery, back engineering it from the aircraft itself to ensure future consistency across your fleet.
  • Create detailed drawings and specification of all external placarding and markings on each aircraft, to ensure compliance, accuracy and consistency across your fleet.
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