Scheme Designers believes in giving back to our industry and supporting its community.

Support within our Community

We start with our local community. As a company involved in the arts, we selected a local community music school, the JCC Thurnauer School of Music, a non-profit community music school that has grown to become one of the finest music schools in the country for kids up to 17 years old. This school provides the highest quality music education to students from all backgrounds, and boasts a large scholarship fund allowing all to attend. Scheme Designers staff collects money annually to donate to the JCC Thurnauer School of Music, and helped set up the Music School Family Endowment, a growing fund that provides annual support to the school.

JCC Thurnauer School of Music logo

Support within our Industry

Scheme Designers helps support the organizations that focus on building the aviation industry. We do this through cash donations, by providing our design services free to these organizations, by providing sponsorship and prizes for the organizations to use in their fund raising activities. Support of these organizations is essential in ensuring the growth and health of our industry. Organizations we support include:

Air Safety Foundation
Young Eagles
American Bonanza Society
American Yankee Association
Cardinal Flyers Online
Cessna Pilot Association
Every Kid Can Fly
Veterans Airlift Command

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