Scheme Designers will be producing new tradeshow graphics, marketing materials and will feature our client’s aircraft paint schemes from over the years. While the more than 16,000 aircraft completed over the years are outstanding, the company will select several special aircraft to feature.

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free design workshops

Scheme Designers Owner and Chief Designer, Craig Barnett, will host four free workshops at Sun ‘n Fun 2024.  In his interactive sessions, he will share critical guidelines and best design practices for a variety of makes and models of aircraft, for owners and companies to use when designing their new aircraft livery and in considering the repainting of their aircraft.  Mr. Barnett’s world-renowned workshop is presented in a dynamic, engaging, educational and entertaining, graphic-rich and visually stimulating media.  

The interactive workshops include use of hundreds of photos and design renderings illustrating best practices for aircraft paint scheme design.  The workshop will assist customers in navigating the process to develop their paint scheme and see it through to reality, including criteria to choosing the right paint shop for you.

The workshops are well known as educational, unique and entertaining sessions.  Attendees will never look at aircraft paint schemes, or paint shops, the same way again, and will come away well equipped to develop designs for their own aircraft, and to make decisions about their paint project. 

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Apr 10 9-9:55am Designing the Perfect Paint or Vinyl Scheme CFAA-02
Apr 11 9-9:55am Considerations in Painting your Aircraft CFAA-02
Apr 12 9-9:55am Designing the Perfect Paint or Vinyl Scheme CFAA-02
Apr 13 9-9:55am Considerations in Painting your Aircraft CFAA-02



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