Premium Desktop Model with Clear Perspex Windows


A Beautiful Model of Your Aircraft – and you can even look inside!

Using our highly-accurate design drawings and/or your photographs, along with interior and instrument panel photographs, we will create the best, most accurate hand-carved, hand-painted mahogany desktop model for your aircraft.

Show Off Your Interior with Clear Perspex Windows – $650.00

Your Photos … Your Model …

  • CessnaT210N-N555SK005
  • CessnaT210N-N555SK015
  • C210-Model-PerspexWindows

Why purchase your model from Scheme Designers?

  1. Each model is hand-carved and hand-painted using the Scheme Designers design drawings for your paint scheme and/or detailed photographs of your aircraft.
  2. Details such as antenna and logos on the propeller are all modeled to create the most accurate and realistic look to your model.
  3. Three lines of text, up to 20 characters per line, are included on a plaque on the front of the stand.
  4. A logo of any type can be added to the top of the stand.
  5. Each model reflects our own high standards for accuracy and excellence.
  6. 100% satisfaction guaranteed– or we will build it again…. FREE!


Price: $650.00

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