Scheme Designers and Diamond Aircraft are presenting a unique livery for the newly introduced Diamond DA40 TUNDRA.  The new DA40 TUNDRA, on display at last month’s NBAA Convention, featured an exterior design that embodies the sense of adventure and rugged nature personified by this aircraft.

“It IMG_20151117_085904was important to Diamond Aircraft to introduce the new DA40 TUNDRA with an exterior design that illustrates the capabilities of the TUNDRA and the lifestyle that it enables.  We wanted visitors to be able to see all the possibilities that this aircraft opens up for them – be it in the outback, back-woods, or rugged terrain.  Scheme Designers nailed it perfectly – the aircraft’s purpose was self explanatory.  Not only did we get a great design, Scheme Designers were great to work with, they got it done fast and at a fair price.” Said Scott McFadzean, VP Operations at Diamond Aircraft.

SchemDA40 Tundra Large-1e Designers President, Craig Barnett said, “To develop the concepts for the vinyl scheme used for the introduction of the TUNDRA, the Scheme Designers team of artists spent weeks researching the variety of missions and the broad operating envelope of the TUNDRA.  The capabilities of this aircraft will take its owners and operators to the farthest corners and allow them to provide services to difficult to reach areas.  It was important that our scheme visually depict the unique adventures this aircraft will enable.”