Concierge Design Services

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The new Scheme Designers Premium Concierge Design Service is available to aircraft owners who are looking for a higher level of service, than our even already extraordinary customer service.

START IMMEDIATELY:  The Concierge Design Service allows clients to get their design project started immediately, moving their project to the front of the line, and avoiding any wait due to scheduling.

CHIEF ARTIST ATTENTION: Clients will also work directly with the Chief Artist for initial design concept development. Scheme Designers professional paint scheme designers will then work with the client to perfect the paint scheme until it reflects the client’s vision perfectly.

3D PHOTO REALISTIC RENDERINGS: Clients will also receive 3D Photo Realistic artist renderings of their aircraft during their design project, allowing them to better visualize the design work as compared to 2D designs.

COLOR & SPECIFICATIONS: Once the final design is selected, clients work with a color specialist to select the final colors for their aircraft. An on-staff engineer will then prepare detailed dimensioned drawings and written specifications, which the paint shop uses to accurately apply the new artwork to the client’s aircraft.

PERFECT APPLICATION: Upon completion of a design, Scheme Designers can provide precut vinyl masks and vinyl decals for design elements or for the entire paint scheme. (The cost of masks are not included in the Concierge Design Service, and can be quoted once the final design is completed.)

PAINT SHOP SUPPORT: With the new Concierge Design Service, Scheme Designers will also assist the client in researching and choosing a paint shop, and will work with the chosen paint shop to ensure that their paint scheme is applied flawlessly to their aircraft.

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