July 10, 2015 – Coming soon to EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, Wis. Be sure to make Scheme Designers booth 3056 in Hangar C at AirVenture your first stop and you could win a customized desktop model! After strong crowd interest by attendees at Sun ‘n Fun for the last two years and EAA AirVenture in 2014, Scheme Designers is again hosting a Scavenger Hunt across the display grounds at AirVenture. Entry forms can be picked up at the Scheme Designers Booth booth #3056 (Hangar C), and must be returned to the booth no later than 4pm on Saturday, July 25, 2015. Players will be hunting for aircraft located in the display area sporting a Scheme Designers paint scheme and special logo sticker. One point will be awarded for each aircraft found with the Scheme Designers livery and logo sticker, plus a lucky BONUS sticker is hidden in the booth of a Scheme Designers’ partner (located in one of the four exhibit hangars), worth 5 extra points. The entry form with the highest number of points wins a custom desktop model from Factory Direct Models (Hangar A booth #1151-1152), worth more than $500!

AV15 Scheme Designers - Craig Barnett

Craig Barnett with AOPA’s Reimagined 152 in the display area, bearing the Scheme Designers logo

Players should check the Scheme Designers FaceBook page regularly where several clues per day will be posted about the location of the stickers and the BONUS sticker. “Like” and follow the Scheme Designers Facebook page to receive notifications as they happen. The hunt is limited to aircraft on formal display at AirVenture and the BONUS sticker is in one of the four “lettered” exhibit hangars.

Scheme Designers President and Chief Designer Craig Barnett says, “players always have a great time searching the display grounds for the Scheme Designers logos and liveried aircraft. Finding contest aircraft in such a variety of locations on the grounds and on creative locations on the aircraft gave players, often family teams, yet another way to enjoy the show actively, together. And every year, every show, every hunt is different!”

AV Scheme Designers - Janet Davidson

Janet Davidson applies the Scheme Designers logo to a display aircraft.

Players can pick up a scavenger hunt form at the Scheme Designers AirVenture booth #3056 in Hangar C, and should jot down the make, model and registration number for each display aircraft on which they find the Scheme Designers sticker. Completed forms must be returned to the Scheme Designers booth #3056 in Hangar C BY 4PM, SATURDAY, JULY 25, 2015. A custom desktop model from Factory Direct Models (Hangar A Booth #1151-1152), worth more than $500, is the grand prize!

In the event of a tie, or if multiple entries correctly get the maximum number of points, all of the subject entries will be entered for a random drawing for award of the grand prize. One entry per person only. Entrants must be 18 years or older, or accompanied by an adult who will be the point of contact in the event of a winning entry.


AV15 Scheme Designers Desktop Model

Example of the first prize – a custom made desktop model by Factory Direct Models


Craig Barnett will also be presenting 3 forums
“The Perfect Paint Scheme”
10-11:15am, Tuesday, July 21, 2015, Stage 10
8:30-9:45am, Thursday, July 23, Homebuilders Hangar
1-2:15pm, Thursday, July 23, 2015, Stage 11

Since 1997, Scheme Designers has pioneered the business of exterior design for aircraft of all types, sizes, and models – airline fleets, business jets, piston aircraft, as well as helicopters. Around the globe, there are over 11,000 unique aircraft wearing a Scheme Designers paint scheme. Over half of the OEMs delivering new aircraft have worked with Scheme Designers to develop the exterior styling for their factory new models, setting the standard for the industry as a whole. The Scheme Designers team of artists and designers work with each customer from inception through application of their scheme at the paint shop of their choice, and their job isn’t done until the paint scheme has been executed perfectly and their customer is completely satisfied.

You’ve seen those aircraft with the remarkable paint jobs…aircraft that look fast and lean just sitting on the ramp; aircraft that have panache and communicate the personality of the owner; aircraft that make you smile. There’s a good chance that the paint scheme was designed by one company and their very specialized team of artists…Scheme Designers…Art Above it All.

For More Information:
Molly Martin
[email protected]